The concept

An idea with Zeitgeist

We thought about thinking ahead. And about how one can best achieve this. Our answer: It takes time, a clear head, and a hammock of course. Unfortunately it was only possible to buy one per mouse-click. That’s what we did. And we took the time we needed, and had a clear head.

Then came the simple realization:
Every musician needs someone to set up. Every landscape architect needs someone to dig. Every master chef needs someone

to do the washing-up. Someone who accom­panies and implements visions, unseen. And in this way, someone who creates time, and a clear head. No genius can exist with­out a good Geist. And so we arrived at the decision: We want to do the washing-up, do the set-up and the digging. And we want to do it for the communication experts of today and tomorrow. That is why we sold our hammock. Just so that you could fill our heads and steal our time. And all that with one click.


Geniuses and forward
thinkers can report here.

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