The people

The good Geist

We are workhorses with a helper complex. We ourselves have worked for years in large and small agencies and companies. At each desk we found the same thing: Not enough room. For the finishing touches, for the little extravagance, for the daring idea. Instead, the daily business piles up.

No wonder that we’re now specialists in this and that we’ve even found a certain masochistic joy in it. We want to take that mountain of work off of your desks and

put it on ours. Sitting behind those desks on swivel chairs are copywriters, graphic designers, consultants, controllers, and organizational talents, ensuring that your daily business receives a higher degree of appreciation. And our undivided attention.

We are efficient perfectionists and attentive thinkers, and thus a very com­fortable airbag into which you can sink, completely carefree.


Find the human touch with us!

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  • Anja Henze
    (née Gregorzewski) Managing Director

    Anja Henze

    With the most sophisticated folder system ever conceived, Anja always has an overview of all of her tasks at a glance. But nothing else escapes her gaze, either – and her customers know how much they should appreciate that.
  • Norman Briewig Management Advisor

    Norman Briewig

    Sustainability, marketing and project management go hand in hand. That is where Norman ist commited, with us too.
  • Katharina Döring Project Management

    Katharina Döring

    Katharina has proven that she has a phenomenal organizational talent, and not just during stressful moments. She also manages to bring the most difficult job to fruition without protest. How does she even manage it?
  • Jan Blümel Project Management

    Jan Blümel

    Whether controlling lists, status lists, to-do lists or not-to-do lists, Jan loves them all. This is because he likes to keep track of things; structured, coordinated, and controlled. And he does so with great success.
  • Miriam Kliemt Project Management

    Miriam Kliemt

    Motivation has a name: Miriam! She is a born service provider and loves bringing structure to each project with enthusiasm and commitment. Whatever the client wishes, Miriam will find the right solution.
  • Leonie Fiedler Project Management

    Leonie Fiedler

    Regardless of the project, Leonie likes it all. That’s because new challenges are just her thing! Even when it gets tricky sometimes: not a problem. With her nerves of steel, she always stays on top of things and keeps her cool.
  • Regine Hähnel Text/Concept

    Regine Hähnel

    Anyone can write, but not everyone can write copy. Period.
  • Christiane Preuß Creation

    Christiane Preuß

    Headphones on and completely submersed in the depths of the layout – Chris is very precise in her work and mercilessly scrutinizes everything that appears on her screen in order to deliver the best possible results.
  • Andreas Pilz Creation

    Andreas Pilz

    Andreas is the calming influence of the agency. He doesn’t break a sweat, even with the thorniest of deadlines. He arrives at his goal in a structured way, making not only his colleagues happy, but the customers as well.
  • Danielle Graß Creation

    Danielle Graß

    Danielle turns even the smallest
    job into a creative challenge. The results? Impressive, down to the tiniest detail. This is because when
    in doubt, she helps to make the
    final artwork.
  • Katharina Cammann Creation

    Katharina Cammann

    Katharina is just brimming over with creativity, but she can also master the art of fine drawing in her sleep. She’s practically an art director who can do final artwork. Or maybe a graphic designer who’s just brimming with ideas? We can’t decide.
  • Marcus Gobs Creation

    Marcus Gobs

    Corporate design and typography serve as the icing on the cake of his artistic abilities. But there’s far more to him than that: With his precision and tireless skill, Marcus approaches all creative tasks with a mission to make our customers happy.
  • Daniel Pfeifer Creation

    Daniel Pfeifer

    In calmness there is creative strength. This is how Daniel faces all the challenges in graphic design. With passion for analogue photography and also digital fully in his element.