The experience

How we know what we are doing

We know marketing and communication from both perspectives; from the point of view of the agency and from the point of view of the company. This is why we understand your processes and can quickly find our way in your workflow. We think about everything. We can’t help it.

Behind every WE is an I. In the case of Ghost Office, a good Geist has made their personality their profession and infected others with it. We react flexibly, quickly, and competently to inquiries and always provide you with the correct contact partner for your projects in the various fields of competence. Trust the good Geists. They know what they are doing.


Know how to contact us.

+49 30 817 98 890
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What makes someone a good Geist

Ghost Office founder Anja Henze (née Gregorzewski) has taken a lot from a decade of working life. For example, 4 principles that we take for granted.

  • There is no budget for demand.

    Whether the customer is large or small. We take our time and do our best. This is because giving little never brought much.

  • Impossible is a word we don't use.

    We will gladly give you a leg up if you are facing a wall. Every problem deserves a solution. We’ll ensure that problem and solution meet one another.

  • There are no vague deadlines.

    We want to be your airbag when things get dicey. That’s why we function like one. Punctual and reliable.

  • If coffee doesn't help, tea will do the job.